A Look At Trends In Small Business Sales And Purchases

A Look At Trends In Small Business Sales And Purchases

Although the American economy has certainly experienced a sizable amount of turmoil and dislocation over the past decade, one material aspect of it has remained rock steady, namely this: the continuing desire of high numbers of entrepreneurs in Arizona and across the country who want to be centrally involved in business endeavors.

Especially small business activities. A recent survey of thousands of small business owners and prospective purchasers reveals a high — and sustained — interest in this commercial sector. BizBuySell, an Internet company that focuses on business movement across the country and that administered the survey, notes that the market for small businesses “is a hotbed of activity.”

What that specifically means is that there are many sellers and would-be buyers, respectively. Reportedly, and as noted in a business article discussing the BizBuySell findings relevant to small business activity, 2014 was a “record-setting” year for the number of such entities sold across the country. And that is coupled with expectations that the buy/sell market for this vital commercial sphere will be even more robust this year.

The chief motivations of sellers and buyers in Arizona and nationally seem relatively straightforward and logical. As for the former, many begin looking for purchasers as they near retirement. And, of course, the success of many small business owners fuels their desire and need to embark on even bigger commercial activities. Many buyers say that they want to move away from the traditional corporate sphere and seek new income opportunities.

A healthy small business sector is of course good news for Arizona and the United States, given the many salutary benefits that flourishing companies confer on their communities.

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