A Singular Legal Niche: Representing Professional Athletes

A Singular Legal Niche: Representing Professional Athletes

We note on a relevant page of our website at Cook & Price, PLC, that professional athletes in Arizona and elsewhere “often have unique legal representation needs.”

Indeed, our Professional Athlete Representation page alludes to “the array of special factors inherent in many legal matters” pertaining to this select and singular group of clients.

An online overview of so-called “sports law” cites many of those factors, which can centrally include things like marketing and licensing considerations, the registration and protection of intellectual property, and contract review, negotiation and drafting in the niche market that uniquely defines pro sports.

As pointed out in that article, the legal representation of professional athletes seldom involves the participation of an attorney formally denoted as a sports lawyer. Rather, attorneys who deal with the broad-based issues that affect their professional clients often “gained legal knowledge, skills, and experience representing clients in other industries that transferred into handling sports-related matters.”

And what is fundamentally germane to their ability to provide sound and timely counsel across the wide universe of sports-related legal matters is their necessarily broad understanding of many areas of interrelated law.

As noted, intellectual property concerns are of fundamental importance in much sports representation. Contract law principles, too, feature intimately in many sports-related legal matters, as do tax considerations, alternative dispute resolution processes and techniques (such as arbitration and mediation) and labor law concepts.

An attorney with a proven track record of representing professional athletes can provide further information and also work in concert with other professionals (such as accountants, financial planners and tax experts) who can provide additionally important client assistance.

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