Administrative Law: Commonly, A Core Business Concern

Administrative Law: Commonly, A Core Business Concern

Every day in Arizona and across the United States, individuals and families deal with administrative law — that is, its rules, processes and consequences.

That wasn’t always the case, at least prior to the advent of agencies, commissions and other pseudo-legislative bodies created by law-making authorities at both the federal and state levels.

The reason why so many administrative entities now exist and have the power to enact law is quite simple: The U.S. Congress and state legislatures just don’t have the time, resources and expertise to deal with every aspect of an increasingly complex American society.

In other words, much power over processes, hearings and legal outcomes has been delegated over time to groups like the IRS, the EPA, the Social Security Administration, OSHA and myriad other agencies. Without their exercised fiat in certain spheres, federal and state legislative bodies would simply be overwhelmed.

One of those spheres is business, with any fledgling entrepreneur or start-up creator of a commercial enterprise quickly learning that multiple agencies’ tentacles can reach out — and do so routinely — to centrally impact virtually every aspect of business operations.

Put another way: Arizona businesses and their counterparts everywhere else across the country must learn, and quickly, how to understand and interpret agency dictates, comply with agency exactions, respond to hearing demands and relevant deadlines, and generally take actions to avoid adverse agency determinations.

That can be complex. As noted in one article spotlighting administrative law and its interplay with businesses, “The federal government contains more than 100 administrative agencies spanning practically every subject area imaginable.”

And, again, state bodies that centrally affect business interests also exist in high numbers.

An Arizona commercial enterprise that needs help dealing with any administrative law matter — ranging from a provision’s meaning and consequences to the steps needed to adequately respond to a hearing notice/meeting — might reasonably want to consult with a business law firm commanding experience in representing clients dealing with administrative agencies and connected matters.

In our modern and fast-paced economy, governmental bodies routinely intersect with business interests across a wide universe of concerns. A proven attorney can help a business anticipate, fully understand and respond to agency dictates in a manner that fully promotes company interests.

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