Arizona, Mexico Huge Business Partners: Can Those Ties Be Expanded?

Arizona, Mexico Huge Business Partners: Can Those Ties Be Expanded?

Arizonans who pay more than a modicum of attention to political affairs at both the local and national level know that candidates for high office talk.

In fact, they talk a lot, and they say things that they really mean in some instances and that they simply utter for expediency on other occasions. It’s sometimes hard to know with precision what a politician really intends to do until he or she actually takes office and confronts the reality of shared governance.

A recent business article on the strong economic ties existing between Arizona and Mexico underscores the point that, while some political rhetoric in recent days and months has slanted in one direction, the collective acumen and creative energies of business thinkers and doers clearly seems to be focused along another path.

Arizona has of course been under a spotlight for some time relevant to immigration-themed news and topics.

That needs to be deemphasized, say business leaders from within the state and from Mexico who have been meeting recently to better promote business ties that are already flourishing.

“Mexico is our number one consumer, our number one client, and at the same time it’s our number one supplier,” notes the chairman of one Arizona economic organization.

That group cites a figure that is immediately impressive, namely, that trade between Arizona and Mexico last year amounted to about $16.5 billion.

And that figure “doesn’t even reflect what is processed through our points of entry in both countries,” says the president of one business advisory company.

It is admittedly a strong record, and proponents of cross-border economic activity say that it can — and should — be built upon.

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