Arizona/Mexico Border: Business Opportunities And Challenges

Arizona/Mexico Border: Business Opportunities And Challenges

A figurative tailwind seems to be firmly in evidence for business travelers headed in both directions at the Arizona-Mexico border, with government regulators and business officials noting materially increased traffic compared with prior years.

Few people would argue that the empirical data showing a pronounced leap in both northbound and southbound transport is anything but a salutary development, given the positive bottom line it spells for Arizona’s and Mexico’s economies, respectively.

A recent media report from the Arizona Business Daily cites this relevant and welcome statistic from the United States Department of Transportation: Reportedly, nearly $17 billion worth of exports flowed from Arizona to Mexico across the state’s border ports last year. Federal data indicate a constant increase in commercial traffic across a several-year span from the Nogales, Douglas, Naco, Sasabe, Lukeville and San Luis ports of entry.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey lauds that trend and wants to see it continue. He says that the uptick in cross-border traffic underscores the state’s “flourishing business climate and growing opportunities for economic development.”

Of course, that opportunity comes with a reciprocal flip side, namely, increased business disputes that will inevitably arise between commercial partners and rivals engaged in international trade. Those matters can focus widely across a broad universe of concerns, ranging from contractual issues (e.g., supply and transportation considerations), insurance complexities and payment understandings to delivery dates, commercial real estate and myriad other concerns.

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