Arizona’s Business Climate: Positioning For Comparative Success

Arizona’s Business Climate: Positioning For Comparative Success

We note a truism on our business law website at the Tempe-based law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, where we serve clients in encompassing fashion throughout Maricopa County, the East Valley and the Phoenix metropolitan area.

And that is this: “Today’s business owners realize they have much to lose by acting without legal counsel and much to gain by having accurate, relevant advice.”

Although that central fact applies with vigor, of course, to all enterprises seeking to gain traction, grow profits and sustain over the long run in Arizona, it is perhaps especially relevant to out-of-state interests looking at Arizona as potentially fertile ground for relocating and expanding their businesses.

And it begs this question: Is Arizona attractive as a region for companies on the outside looking in? That is, might high-ranking principals of an existing business operating in another state find Arizona’s business climate comparatively appealing when compared alongside the business realities operative in other states?

That is a logical query — indeed, potentially a make-or-break consideration — for any non-Arizona business seeking to establish a foothold inside the state.

What is the answer?

According to Spectrum Location Solutions, a company that analyzes business markets and relocation matters, Arizona has a lot to offer existing businesses from outside the state. In fact, a recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal notes Spectrum’s view that Arizona is the third-best state in the country for California enterprises seeking to disinvest from that state and move operations elsewhere.

Business owners contemplating digging up stakes and starting anew in Arizona, or, conversely, Arizona start-ups seeking to expand and profit locally, obviously have myriad things to think about. Those range from the procurement of commercial real estate and the drafting of relevant contracts to compliance with state/local laws and steps to take to avoid or minimize litigation and other business risks.

Which takes us back to the above-cited adage and its reference to proven Arizona business counsel. An experienced Maricopa County business law firm knows the terrain and the relevant considerations applicable to business matters in Arizona, and can centrally assist a client — whether that client is an Arizona entity or out-of-state business seeking to relocate to the state — in promoting business objectives.

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