Avoid IP Issues When Creating Or Enhancing Your Website

Avoid IP Issues When Creating Or Enhancing Your Website

With the coming of the Super Bowl in Arizona next year, many businesses in the Phoenix area will be planning on ways to maximize their market share of the thousands of people who will be in town for the game.

A recent presentation to local businesses shows ways in which their internet presence could be used to attract some of that traffic to their shops and restaurants. Given that many people will not be familiar with Phoenix, they are likely to turn to their computers and smartphones to find places to stay, shop and eat.

If your business has not had much in the way of an internet presence, you probably do need to create or improve your exposure. But you may want to consult your attorney, to ensure that you don’t run afoul of copyright or trademark infringement when you set up your web presence.

Trademark law is important for such things as the name of your business. One common issue is restaurant names. If you have a name like “Joe’s Dinner” and your name is Joe, have used it for years, there are no existing restaurants in your local vicinity, you may not have any trademark issues.

However, if your restaurant has only recently opened, and its name is similar to that of a national chain or other local restaurants, there could be conflicts. While non-registered common law trademarks are valid, you may want to discuss the issue with your attorney and determine if registration is something you should do.

A well-planned web strategy can help your business with the Super Bowl and beyond, and you want to ensure that your site can avoid any intellectual property issues.

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