Business And Commercial Law: Integrated Or Differentiated?

Business And Commercial Law: Integrated Or Differentiated?

Many law offices across the country describe themselves as full-service business and commercial law firms, with that depiction certainly defining who we are and what our attorneys do at the Maricopa County law firm of Cook & Price, PLC.

Indeed, and as noted in an online overview of commercial and business law, those two areas of law “have so many overlapping issues that most attorneys who practice one will have expertise in the other.”

We certainly strive to provide our many diverse clients with top-notch and comprehensive service that spans the entire universe of concerns facing corporate actors. Our representation can sometimes focus narrowly upon a single concern of a business entrepreneur or manager. Alternatively, and at other times, our advocacy can apply to a wide gamut of issues that face a business.

Whether our representation pertains to a “business” or “commercial” concern can sometimes seem like splitting hairs, given the overlap noted above.

What exactly is business law? As the above-cited primer states, it might simply be convenient to think in terms of what goes into forming a company, how it will be organized, how principals’ rights and duties will be set out, how contracts will be negotiated and executed, how property will be bought and managed, and so forth.

On the other hand, commercial law can reasonably be seen as a legal realm that focuses more narrowly on the sale and distribution of goods and services. When the term Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is invoked, it invariably concerns some aspect of commercial law.

The bottom line is that it simply might not be all that worthwhile to quibble over terms. As the aforementioned overview notes, “A business that sells products will almost certainly need a lawyer with experience in both [business and commercial law] fields.”

We welcome readers’ visits to our blog, as well as personal contacts to the firm from business principals with legal questions or concerns that relate importantly to their livelihood.

We reiterate what we state above, namely, that Cook & Price makes best efforts always to advocate diligently and in the best interests of all our clients in every business and commercial law matter.

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