Commercial Real Estate 101: Should Our Company Purchase Or Lease?

Commercial Real Estate 101: Should Our Company Purchase Or Lease?

We duly note on the East Valley Business Transactions page of our website at the Tempe business and commercial law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, the strong realization of many business owners today that they “have much to lose by acting without legal counsel.”

And in tandem with that, we additionally point out that business principals “have much to gain by having accurate, relevant advice.”

Sound and timely legal guidance from a long-tenured commercial law firm can benefit business enterprises in every conceivable realm of their day-to-day and longer-term activities. The legal challenges that routinely face companies across Maricopa County, the East Valley and the Phoenix metropolitan area are varied and many, and clear and well-considered input from proven legal counsel can help promote a company’s bottom line and maximally protect its interests.

And that is true across all facets of a company’s business and every time dimension. In any given enterprise, some considerations are formation-related and involve essential start-up concerns (e.g., what business form is optimal, which might entail the most significant risks and so forth). Likewise, many concerns crop up with regularity as ongoing matters to focus upon during a company’s existence (for example, employee contracts/disputes, litigation with business rivals, tax matters and additional concerns).

Today we touch upon a consideration that is of outsized importance to most business enterprises, namely, the commercial real estate-related question of whether to purchase or lease a property.

That is a flatly weighty concern, and a matter that requires careful due diligence across a universe of considerations.

An experienced business law firm with solid experience representing clients in commercial real estate matters can be a strong ally in helping a business evaluate lease-or-buy concerns and ultimately make moves that optimally promote company interests.

We’ll take a closer look in our next blog post at important factors that a business needs to consider when weighing the advantages and potential detriments of leasing versus buying commercial property, respectively.

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