Consumer Fraud: A Prevalent Problem In Arizona, Nationally

Consumer Fraud: A Prevalent Problem In Arizona, Nationally

If you are an Arizona resident who has been ripped off in a business transaction by an unscrupulous company or business agent who purposefully defrauded you, you can at least take heart in the fact that you’re far from alone.

In fact, consumer fraud is activity engaged in by bad-faith actors to an almost unimaginable degree in daily life, with individuals who justifiably rely upon the assertions of those they are contracting with for goods or services often paying a heavy price for their reliance.

And the gamut of unscrupulous behaviors intended to defraud Arizona consumers and others across the country is wide, indeed.

As we note on our business and commercial law website at the East Valley law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, fraud targeting innocent customers spans a virtual universe of misstatements and deceitful practices.

Consumers are routinely bilked by illegal conduct engaged in by car dealers, for example, with legal complaints commonly spotlighting odometer tampering and misrepresentations or omitted disclosures regarding vehicle accident history and post-crash replacement parts.

And then there is fraud committed by telemarketers engaged in scams, of course, which many people fall prey to. Additionally, consumer fraud occurs in retail/store transactions, with deceptive sales tactics and hype not based on reality fleecing many people. False promises, false premises and other misrepresentations also result in harm for consumers engaged in insurance, real estate and other transactions.

Protecting individuals and families from fraud-based commercial exploitation has long been a concern of regulators and law enforcement officials, and there is considerable state and federal legislation that addresses fraud and provides remedies to those who have been victimized by it.

A proven consumer protection attorney can answer questions and advocate knowledgeably and aggressively on behalf of any client who has suffered damages resulting from the fraudulent acts of another party.

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