Consumer Protection: Legal Advocacy Can Make A Difference

Consumer Protection: Legal Advocacy Can Make A Difference

Caveat emptor — buyer beware — is a phrase long known to the general American public, being a consumer admonition that goes back to the very origins of the United States as a commercial economy.

Although American consumers likely rank at or near the very top of any list that spotlights smart and sophisticated buyers, that generally discerning and prudent behavior in business transactions hardly precludes legions of people from being abused by unscrupulous and fraud-driven sellers.

And lenders. And Internet criminals. And collection agencies. And solicitors. And scammers assuming false identities as agents of worthy causes.

And so on, ad infinitum.

In Arizona and across the United States, predatory behavior aimed at consumers is simply a hard-nosed reality. Although many people who want your money act in good faith by providing you with something reasonably valued in return, that happy outcome is far from being universally realized.

And thus a host of state and federal laws exist that address unscrupulous behavior in the commercial realm and provide defrauded consumers with avenues of redress. Long gone are the days when things like retail bait-and-switch tactics, tampered-with vehicle odometers, the fraudulent conveyance of real property through bogus deeds and flagrant lending improprieties were par-for-the-course business strategies leaving no legal recourse for injured buyers and other innocent members of the general public.

Current Arizona laws, supplemented by federal dictates, provide bilked consumers with myriad protections against fraud and exploitation, and those enactments come with teeth.

We will take a detailed look at some specific laws and remedies in our next blog post.

Acting with dispatch and purpose on behalf of a victimized consumer is something that a proven attorney unquestionably relishes and takes great pride in.

That is certainly the way we feel at the Maricopa County business and commercial law firm of Cook & Price, PLC. Our consumer attorneys welcome questions from readers and the opportunity to apply our experience on behalf of clients having claims in this important area of law.

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