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Buying a new car today – or a late-model used car – is a major financial transaction for most people. The same precautions that apply to home purchases also apply to purchases of expensive cars, SUVs and other private vehicles such as RVs and pickup trucks.

Prevention is always better than a cure. It is important to know your rights and understand what you have committed to before making such a large purchase. Wise consumers consult with qualified lawyers before entering into sizable contracts such as automobile purchases and leases.

Further, if you have already pursued legal action and were not satisfied with the outcome, we have extensive experience in creating effective appeals for our clients.

New Car Sales And Lemon Law Provisions

If we have the opportunity to advise you before you make a commitment and take home a new car, we believe we can prevent buyer’s remorse in many cases. However, if you have already bought a new car and it has required excessive repairs, we are also available to evaluate your case.

You may have available remedies under Arizona’s lemon law or some other state’s lemon law if you purchased out of state. Remedies that can bring results may include:

  • Negotiations
  • Demand letters
  • Litigation
  • Application of lemon law provisions through a lawsuit

Used Car Sales And Dealer Fraud

Problems often appear after sale of a used car. Investigation may reveal that a dealer violated laws specifically designed to protect consumers in auto purchases.

Was the dealer guilty of failure to disclose known auto defects?
Were you sold a car that had been flooded or had its odometer rolled back without your knowledge?
Did an auto dealer disclose a problem and promise to take care of it before you took possession – but that did not happen?
Perhaps you took the car back to complain and the dealer showed you “as is” phrases in the contract you signed, in direct contradiction to oral promises at the time of the sale.

Exploitation And Trickery In Connection With Financing

Sometimes, auto dealer fraud is in the area of financing. A common trick is for a dealer to let a customer take a vehicle home believing a purchase is final. Then, the next day, the dealer calls and informs the buyer that financing fell through.

They ask the buyer to bring the car back and renegotiate with new terms. The result is a higher price, higher interest rates, a longer payoff period, negation of a warranty or other variances unfavorable to the consumer. Fraud or trickery as defined by Arizona’s consumer protection laws may have occurred.

Contact A Tempe Attorney Regarding Auto Dealer Fraud Before Or After Signing A Contract On A Problem Car

Whether you are considering buying a car and want a lawyer’s opinion about the contract you are about to sign, or you already bought a car and have run into problems, Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, welcomes your inquiry.

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