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Contract disputes often lead to litigation alleging breach of contract associated with:

  • Commerce among businesses.
  • Landlord-tenant relations.
  • Consumer activity, including sales and leasing of vehicles by auto dealers.
  • Delivery of services, including construction and repairs.
  • Insurance issues such as coverage disputes or alleged bad faith insurance practices.

Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, assists individuals, couples, small businesses and medium-sized businesses engaged in creation, signing and fulfillment of contracts. Our lawyers offer services, including contract drafting and contract review before or after signing.

Before signing, we can alert clients to problematic provisions and assist in renegotiating those terms. After signing, if disputes occur, we can help either party to a contract understand the meaning of the contract. We interpret contracts and devise strategies for resolving disputes cost-effectively.

Our lawyers always consider our clients’ positions and act accordingly. We will not rack up billable hours to prove a point. Rather, we recommend and take actions designed to bring about resolutions that are favorable to our clients. This includes crafting skilled appeals that can help turn an unsatisfactory outcome into one that meets your needs.

Sometimes, negotiations and demand letters are not sufficient to bring about an acceptable outcome. Sometimes, a contract dispute and its negative consequences to a client of our firm are so egregious that a lawsuit is the most effective means to a resolution.

Did another party fail to fulfill its end of an agreement, with the result that your business was disrupted or property was damaged? Or do you seek to force another party to make good on a contract, such as a real estate purchase agreement?

Bring your issue to our attention and let us advise and guide you to a positive outcome.

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Keep in mind that Arizona laws allow the prevailing party in a disputed contract case to be awarded reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred. Did your written contract contain specific language allowing for recovery of costs and attorney fees?

Attorneys at Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, aim to discover and win contract disputes in such as way that our clients come out ahead, including recovering legal fees and costs.

Call 480-407-4440 or email us through this website to schedule a consultation regarding a commercial contract dispute or a consumer protection matter involving a contract.