Contract Dispute Resolution For Consumers

Contract Dispute Resolution For Consumers

Contracts aren’t just between employees and companies. Sometimes Arizona consumers also sign contracts to receive goods and services, such as vehicles, real estate and home repairs. But despite having a contract in place, consumers are still often taken advantage of by dishonest businesses.

These business may make false promises, commit fraud or otherwise treat customers unfairly. The good news is that there is legal recourse available for consumers who have experienced breach of contract by a company.

A contract alone does not guarantee a stress-free business transaction. Many seemingly reputable businesses have been known to scam consumers out of their hard-earned money. This is especially prevalent in the auto industry, where dealers sell defective cars, violate lemon laws and perform other illegal actions to defraud customers. These customers are then left with cars that have mechanical issues and the dealers refuse to help.

However, a breach of contract can happen in any industry or for any product. Many sales contracts are created with intent to defraud customers. Even a real estate contract can be used to deceive a customer. The customer may buy the house and later find out that it failed its inspections. The joy of a new home quickly turns to frustration as the homeowner is left dealing with mold, pests and other costly issues.

A contract dispute can cost a consumer thousands of dollars in losses. If you have experienced a breach of contract and suffered significant financial damages as a result, we can aggressively pursue your case and help you achieve a positive outcome, even if you have gone to trial before and lost. We can file an appeal and help you preserve your rights as a consumer.

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