Far From Defenseless: Fighting Back Against Business Fraud

Far From Defenseless: Fighting Back Against Business Fraud

The scope of fraudulent behavior engaged in by unscrupulous businesses in Arizona and elsewhere that targets unsuspecting consumers is wide, indeed.

And there is a simple reason for that. Scam artists have one goal when they transact with consumers, and it is to fleece them. Given that they are highly motivated to make a buck, the ideas they come up with to steal from and otherwise defraud good-faith purchasers and other consumers are many and disingenuous.

Like odometer tampering, for example. Or failure to duly report that a vehicle for sale has a troubled history of accidents and neglect. Some collection agencies cavalierly break consumer-protective federal and state laws by engaging in harassing and intimidating contacts with debtors, both at home and at their workplace.

At the Maricopa County business and commercial law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, in Tempe, our attorneys are under no illusions regarding the degree to which fraud-driven businesses will pursue scams that are intended to secure profit by harming the consumers transacted with.

Indeed, the East Valley Consumer Protection page of our website makes due reference to entities that conduct business “through deception, false statements, false pretences, false promises or misrepresentation.”

We help targeted — and, sadly, frequently victimized — consumers fight back against the scam tactics of bad businesses that are solely interested in a unilateral, unethical and flatly illegal outcome.

It is an unfortunate reality that in a so-called “caveat emptor” world, select business actors pursue agendas based on fraud and deceit, without scant regard to the unconscionable result their actions have on innocent third parties.

There are myriad laws that protect consumers against business fraud. A proven consumer protection attorney can invoke them and provide diligent legal representation to any individual who has been exploited by an unscrupulous business.

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