How Do Zoning Laws Affect Commercial Real Estate Use?

How Do Zoning Laws Affect Commercial Real Estate Use?

When Arizona investors or business owners purchase land, they don’t always get to do what they want with it. There are zoning laws in place to regulate commercial real estate land use.

These laws are created by local governments in order to control growth, as well as protect the health and safety of nearby residents. Zoning ordinances may also dictate the type of business that is allowed to be conducted in a certain area, as well as the building’s features.

Zoning laws may be based on city or county ordinances. There are five main types of zoning: residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and recreational. It’s not uncommon for some land to be zoned for multiple uses – for example, residential and commercial.

Zoning laws control factors such as air quality, noise levels, parking and waste management. They may also control the appearance of a building, such as its size, number of stories, number of parking spaces, signage and proximity to other businesses.

Legal issues can arise when a commercial property is used improperly. Therefore, it’s best to do some research before selecting a piece of property and it can be important not to assume that it can be used for s specific activity. Some laws allow specific provisions, but only if certain conditions are met. It’s also a good idea to find out if parking is required. If so, adequate space must exist.

There are other limitations that may be in effect based on the property’s zoning laws. Legal troubles – and costly fixes – could be avoided by checking your area’s zoning laws before signing a lease agreement.

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