How Proven Legal Advocacy Can Promote Landlord-Tenant Solutions

How Proven Legal Advocacy Can Promote Landlord-Tenant Solutions

Imagine you are a renter who comes home daily to a unit that is scorching hot. Your air conditioner doesn’t work and, despite your numerous calls to the landlord, a fix certainly doesn’t seem imminent.

Or perhaps you’re suffering from other adverse living conditions that you quite literally didn’t sign up for when you executed a rental lease. Maybe the plumbing is a recurring problem. Perhaps a dog is constantly yelping in an adjacent apartment. It could be that broken windows remain unfixed or that security considerations are not being attended to.

In short, you’ve got a problematic landlord.

That consternation can work both ways. Maybe you’re a landlord who is close to pulling your hair out over a problem tenant that is making a mockery of your lease terms. Some tenants constantly have parties and bother other renters. Some of them are ridiculously hard on the furnishings, repeatedly breaking things. Some don’t timely the rent.

What do you do — regardless of which side of a lease you’re on — when the other party seems to be cavalierly breaching its terms?

If good-faith appeals and reasonable efforts to improve an unsatisfactory situation aren’t prevailing, you might want to contact a proven landlord-tenant attorney to intercede on your behalf.

There is much that proven legal counsel can do when an intractable landlord-tenant dispute rears its hand. Experienced advocacy starts with an attorney’s detailed understanding of the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and the ability to apply it in a given case.

Landlords can be compelled to honor lease terms. Eviction notices can be filed against tenants who commit contractual breaches, with early termination also sometimes serving as a remedy.

The early involvement of an experienced attorney in drafting and reviewing leases and related documents can go far toward minimizing future problems.

Landlords and tenants with property-related questions or concerns can contact a proven Maricopa County landlord-tenant attorney for guidance and strong legal representation that fully protects their legal interests.

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