East Valley Commercial Landlord-Tenant Attorney

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Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, represents commercial landlords and tenants alike. Our in-depth knowledge of both sides of the commercial lease equation makes our law firm a valuable resource for our clients who are property owners and business owners. We have handled commercial landlord-tenant issues such as:

  • Lockouts
  • Liens on business property.
  • Disputes regarding maintenance and repairs of common areas of a commercial property.
  • Lease review before signing – or after signing when problems occur, to interpret terms and devise legal remedies.

Commercial landlords and tenants have one objective in common: an interest in profit and the bottom line. No landlord or tenant wants to waste money on unnecessary repairs or on legal fees. However, sometimes disputes become so disruptive to a business or to a landlord’s usual operations that a lawyer’s advice and representation become necessary.

Bring Your Landlord-Tenant Dispute To Our Attention – We Have Knowledgeable Advice To Offer

Contact a lawyer at Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, for help deciphering a lease agreement as it applies to your challenging situation.

Are you (the commercial tenant or commercial landlord) at odds with the other side over parking lot or stairwell issues, roof leaks or property use issues?
Have your efforts to resolve the disputes through ordinary conversations and negotiations made things worse rather than better?
Perhaps there have been threats of tenant eviction or refusal to pay on the lease.

Discuss your concerns with regard to a pending or potential eviction, a landlord’s lien on property, a dispute over repairs or tenant improvements, lease renegotiation, sublease or assignment issues, holdover tenancy, or any residential or commercial landlord-tenant issue, including appeals of previous legal actions.

Devise a plan of action with the help of an East Valley commercial landlord-tenant lawyer at the law offices of Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC.

Before significant losses occur, call our Tempe, Arizona law offices at 480-407-4440 or send an email request for a consultation with an attorney.