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Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, primarily represents landlords in landlord-tenant disputes, but also accepts quite a few cases on behalf of residential tenants in the Tempe and Phoenix areas. Our in-depth knowledge of both sides of an issue works in our clients’ favor, as we understand how to work with the other party to bring about a satisfactory resolution.

We are prepared to educate our clients — either landlords or tenants — about how the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (ARLTA) can protect them.

For landlords and tenants who are not satisfied with the outcomes of previous legal actions taken to resolve a dispute, we are able to present highly effective appeals.

Landlords: Do You Need Help Collecting Unpaid Back Rent Or Evicting A Problem Tenant?

Many landlord-tenant lawyers in the East Valley area deal with collection or eviction cases in large quantities, handling them through factory-like processes. At Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, on the other hand, landlords appreciate the detailed, customized legal solutions that our attorneys devise and implement with careful attention to specific circumstances.

Our Tempe, Arizona, landlord-tenant law firm is not in the business of applying cookie-cutter solutions to our landlord clients’ needs. We can prepare tailor-made leases and eviction notices. We can arrange for service of eviction notices. To deal with problem tenants, we often help landlords find legal ways to terminate leases early.

Tenants: Do You Need Help Recovering A Deposit Or Stopping An Unjust Home Eviction?

An experienced East Valley residential landlord-tenant lawyer can alleviate a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness if a landlord is abusing your rights. We can advocate on your behalf if you have been unable to get your landlord to make necessary repairs. We can help you fight eviction or negotiate more favorable terms if eviction becomes inevitable.

Contract Review For Both Landlords And Tenants

We warn landlords against the practice of using do-it-yourself, fill-in-the-blank template lease contract documents. Likewise, we warn tenants not to sign a lease without having a lawyer review the terms. The modest delay and expense of a lease review by a knowledgeable attorney can save major expense and trouble after the fact.

Consider Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, A Resource For East Valley Landlords And Tenants

Contact us to learn how we can help with bedbug issues, immediate eviction, forcible detainer, special detainer, nonpayment of rent, failure to repair, landlord foreclosure issues, Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act defenses, Writ of Restitution or other landlord-tenant issues. Call 480-407-4440 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.