Legal Help For An Athlete Involved In A Business Dispute

Legal Help For An Athlete Involved In A Business Dispute

Arizona is home to football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams, which all have numerous fans to cheer them on at every game. While being a professional athlete may seem like a glamorous lifestyle, it’s not all fun and games.

Athletes must sign contracts that outline the terms and conditions of their employment with a specific team. Many of these contracts are for millions of dollars, so there is a lot at stake for all parties involved.

Should a breach of contract occur, a lot of money could be lost, which is why knowing the right legal options can be invaluable for an athlete, especially one who is just starting his career and may be unfamiliar with what is involved.

Even professional athletes may face legal issues during their career. Whether they didn’t understand the terms of their contract and they purposely left their team even though their obligations were not fulfilled, they could face lawsuits from team owners or companies using athletes for endorsement deals. It can be important to negotiate and resolve these types of issues outside of court.

Athletes may need help in their professional lives as well, from dealing with taxes to buying a home. The right approach can help in these aspects as well. Cultivating relationships with various professionals in the sports field is crucial.

If you’re a professional athlete involved in a business dispute, you need to ensure your rights are protected. Many athletes are unaware of all the legal issues surrounding their employment and it’s important to know what types of options are available. From drafting and negotiating contracts to handling trials, at our law firm we attempt to help our clients with the complexities that those in sports careers face.

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