Phoenix Beats Rivals In Garnering Global Company’s HQ Relocation

Phoenix Beats Rivals In Garnering Global Company’s HQ Relocation

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a global business conglomerate that operates across a number of industries and generates annual sales in the billions of dollars. As noted on the company’s website, Carlisle is involved in numerous “niche markets” that range broadly from energy and construction to medical technology and agriculture.

Obviously, any urban area where Carlisle operates in a big way benefits across many dimensions, with the company employing local residents, paying taxes, leasing or buying business space and influencing local moves, startups and relocations by other businesses.

Phoenix can attest to that.

In fact, the city recently beat out municipal rivals across the country in a competition to attract Carlisle to the Valley in a material way.

To wit: Carlisle executives and Arizona government/business principals recently announced that the global company will relocate its headquarters from North Carolina to Phoenix, a move that is clearly of big-deal dimensions and notable importance for Maricopa County and the state.

In discussing the commercial relocation, the Phoenix Business Journal recently noted the speed of the transaction. Reportedly, Carlisle is slated to open its new headquarters sometime this August, following initial contacts between company principals and officials in Phoenix that commenced just last September.

Leading up to the signal business announcement, Carlisle president/CEO Chris Koch met with Gov. Doug Ducey and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, respectively.

Reportedly, Carlisle was favorably impressed with Phoenix as a new company headquarters along a number of fronts, including its general business climate, proximity to Mexico, utility rates, labor quality and additional factors.

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