Polar Opposites Can Attract: Spotlight On Business Challenges

Polar Opposites Can Attract: Spotlight On Business Challenges

Are you familiar with the expression, “Never the twain shall meet?”

It just met.

Obviously, it’s a bit singular — actually, it’s a first-time occurrence — for us to lead into one of our business blog posts with arcane language underscoring the idea that, in some instances, parties will flatly never reach agreement on subject matter that they are known to vociferously disagree upon.

And yet there it is. In a recent opinion piece written by allegedly uber-conservative billionaire business titan Charles G. Koch, that business denizen strongly endorses views that Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders routinely espouses on the campaign trail.

As they say, politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Koch himself seems a bit surprised to find himself aligned with Sanders on what he deems a matter of critical national importance, yet he says he welcomes the opportunity to point to their common ground.

Koch penned thoughts point to regulatory challenges and burdens facing many businesses across the country, noting that “anti-competitive regulations” are having strongly deleterious effects on especially new entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses of all types.

He notes that Sanders agrees. And he says that he applauds Sanders “for giving a voice to many Americans struggling to get ahead” in a regulatory regime that often favors already strong and thriving entities at the expense of smaller counterparts trying to get a foot in the door of potential business success.

Of course, unanimity in view between Koch and Sanders on any topic is unlikely to be realized, and Koch expressly notes this. He cites what he calls Sanders’ “desire to expand the federal government’s control over people’s lives,” contrasting it to his view that less government intrusion — especially into business matters — should feature in American lives.

We believe the Koch piece is relevant and informative for any business blog, given its focus on challenges faced by company principals in matters ranging from formation and regulatory compliance to labor law conformity, tax management and additional considerations.

Our law firm is decidedly focused — and always so — on helping our clients identify and overcome business challenges and fully realize their operating potential.

We welcome readers’ questions and comments, as well as the opportunity to bring our advocacy to bear on behalf of their business interests.

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