Professional Athlete Representation

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Professional athletes often have unique legal representation needs. When a professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey player needs legal advice, the athlete typically looks for a lawyer who understands the particular issues involved. Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, is proud to offer customized legal counsel for athletes on professional teams.

Also Doing Business As Onyx Sports Management

We understand the array of special factors inherent in many legal matters facing professional athletes. For this reason, in addition to the Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, litigation attorney Jesse Cook operates a full-service sports agency by the name of Onyx Sports Management.

Through this agency, we customize our legal services to the particular situations affecting professional athletes’ careers and private lives. We draft and negotiate contracts, handle trials and alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration, and provide legal advice and counsel to athletes.

Collaborating With Other Professionals As Needed To Meet Clients’ Diverse Needs

Professional athletes in need of legal counsel often need the services of other professionals, as well. Onyx integrates legal services with services of financial planners, tax professionals, personal trainers, sports trainers, sports psychologists and realtors catering to professional athletes. In addition, the agency maintains relationships with equipment companies, reviewing legal agreements pertaining to endorsement deals with commercial entities such as glove, shoe and bat companies.

For Help With Contract Negotiations And Other Areas Of Professional Athlete Representation

Contact an attorney at Law Offices of Jesse D. Cook, PLC, in Tempe AZ, at 480-407-4440 to learn about legal services and related assistance available for professional athletes through Onyx Sports Management.