Sometimes Only Litigation Can Resolve A Business Dispute

Sometimes Only Litigation Can Resolve A Business Dispute

Business disputes in Arizona and nationally come in all sizes and types. Some of them are ultimately amenable to resolution through negotiation and attempts at compromise that purposefully seek to avoid the courtroom door and a judge and jury.

Others, well, aren’t.

Either way, a proven business attorney must stand ready to provide knowledgeable and diligent legal representation to a commercial client that needs help protecting a company’s rights in a business spat.

Sometimes a client’s best interests can be promoted through business mediation, arbitration or another strategy that serves as an alternative to litigation. At other times, only a lawsuit and a formal judicial ruling will suffice to set matters straight in a dispute.

That latter tack was clearly on display in a case that was recently decided in an Arizona federal court, following several years of contention that aired out in a protracted business battle between two warring sides.

As noted in a media article chronicling the matter, the judge considered the “business divorce” litigated in his courtroom to be “the most contentious civil case he’d ever seen.”

And, indeed, the facts alleged in the plaintiff’s complaint and evaluated by jurors were both stark and dramatic. They included charges that the man’s business partner physically assaulted him, defrauded health care clients and state authorities and unlawfully gained control over the company (Zoe Holding Company, the parent entity controlling MGA Home Healthcare and other companies).

Ultimately, the jury agreed with that, awarding the plaintiff $28 million in damages against his former partner and several other defendants.

A spokesman for the ex-partner noted after the verdict that the court case was “nothing more than a business relationship gone sour.”

The victor declared otherwise, posting on Facebook that “5 years of litigation leads to truth.”

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