Survey Provides Snapshot Look At Arizona Businesses In 2015

Survey Provides Snapshot Look At Arizona Businesses In 2015

The advocacy group Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) recently put the finishing touches and conclusions on its ninth annual survey regarding what might reasonably be termed “the state of the state” in terms of Arizona’s business climate and health.

Overall, the findings seem quite positive.

As noted in a recent article appearing in the Phoenix Business Journal, kudos seem to be in order for Local First Arizona, which is a statewide nonprofit entity that notes on its website its energetic promotion of Arizona’s myriad communities and business opportunities. Among other things, Local First encourages independent businesses to actively interact with municipalities and lawmakers on wide-ranging matters of importance.

One bottom-line finding that emerged from ILSR’s survey of many Arizona businesses in 2015 is this: On average, surveyed entities reported higher revenue growth during the year than what was noted as the national average.

And here’s another positive development relevant to last year that survey responses revealed: Collectively, independent businesses across the state exceeded the national average for the sale of goods over holiday periods.

Of course, not every business-related tangent had an unmitigated upside in Arizona last year. The Journal points to one “major issue” facing a high number of surveyed businesses, namely, a problem in securing bank-sourced financing.

And just about two-thirds of all respondent companies stated that leasing-related costs were challenging for them in 2015.

Many Arizona companies have both an exciting potential and real-world challenges that they must smartly deal with — ranging from astute contract drafting and conflict management to — as noted herein — financing issues and rising costs relating to the lease or purchase of commercial real estate.

A proven Phoenix metro area business and commercial law firm can help either a start-up business or established company identify challenges and opportunities and address them in a manner that promotes their best interests.

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