The Commercial Lease Equation: What Does That Signify?

The Commercial Lease Equation: What Does That Signify?

The business nexus is compelling, strongly reciprocal and certainly clear enough: A commercial landlord needs to make a profit on owned properties, and a business owner needs space in which to operate.

In other words, those parties need each other, which leads logically to the negotiation and execution of a commercial lease agreement many times each day in Arizona and across the United States.

On a relevant page of our website at the East Valley business and commercial law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, we make reference to “the commercial lease equation.”

That choice of words relating to what is a common and recurring business understanding between two parties that becomes fully expressed in a contract denotes at once that there is something distinct and singular about a commercial lease.

In fact, there are several things that readily stand out concerning virtually any lease that is executed between a commercial property owner and business tenant.

One that is readily apparent is the great variability that can feature from lease to lease. Parties negotiating such a document are generally quite sophisticated in property-related matters, which often gives them great flexibility and leeway in crafting lease terms that are materially tailored to reflect the distinct realities of their agreement.

Another notable point regarding commercial leases is the sheer complexity that often attaches to them, which is certainly understandable, given that many such documents are often centrally connected to high dollar values and significant building space.

Complexity can sometimes engender conflict, of course, especially in the business world. Commercial lease issues can arise across a broad spectrum of matters, ranging from liens on property and maintenance-related disagreements to property improvements, lease reassignment and a host of other considerations.

The attorneys at Cook & Price provide legal counsel to both commercial landlords and tenants across the entire universe of lease-related issues. We welcome readers’ questions and concerns regarding any aspect of this important business law focus.

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