The Legal And Equitable Boundaries Of Work Hours

The Legal And Equitable Boundaries Of Work Hours

Sometimes, it just happens. Something occurs, after hours, and it simply must be taken care of immediately. Depending on your business, that may happen rarely, or it can be a regular occurrence. Your business may be small, and you, as owner or manager, may have to take it on, or if you have a team, there may be one or two people whom you regularly have to task with that activity.

And as the owner or manager, you have to pay attention to these types of events, to ensure they don’t compromise the quality of your work or implicate broader legal issues that can grow to be expensive.

If you provide a form of technical services, say a type of internet support, whether hardware or software, you may have support issues that arise with your customers. If it happens with any regularity, you may need to create a formal structure to account for the work and your employee’s time.

If they are hourly, you need to ensure that all wage and hour regulations are properly followed, to prevent both your employees from become disgruntled at being asked to work uncompensated hours and avoid the potential for a wage and hour lawsuit or some other employment dispute.

You also want to make sure your sales contracts are written in a way that your customers are not unfairly taking advantage of your willingness to help them out. When once in a blue moon becomes weekly, you may need to review your pricing structure.

And from a personnel management perspective, you want your best, most enthusiastic employees to remain that way and leave to work for a competitor or become a plaintiff in a lawsuit where suing your business., “How to get your boss to understand you’re not available 24/7” Dana Maciagli, November 12, 2014

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