The Moment Of Truth: Signing Off On That Construction Contract

The Moment Of Truth: Signing Off On That Construction Contract

Seasoned commercial law attorneys progressively appreciate certain realities about their professional realm and the advocacy they bring to bear on behalf of diverse business clients.

On such reality is this: In virtually every business endeavor (and especially in commercial transactions that are clearly complex in their scope and details), risk is a material factor.

That is, it invariably arises as contracting parties seek to negotiate and definitively come to terms regarding a project, and it absolutely needs to be dealt with on behalf of a client in a manner that fully identifies its existence and takes steps to mitigate it to the fullest extent possible. Where risk and clients are concerned, optimally safeguarding the latter is the central mission of any proven and conscientious attorney.

As noted in one media primer on contracts and attendant business considerations, risk can be an especially elevated concern in a construction contract.

It is easy to see why that is often the case. Construction projects often involve myriad participants, ranging from investors and lenders to developers and contractors across many industries. Each of those entities brings varied and distinct motivations to a project.

Moreover, there is understandable concern with the quality of materials involved, applicable deadlines for getting things done, financing availability (and its terms), mechanisms that come into play when nonperformance occurs, steps to take in the event of a contract breach, and myriad other matters.

Having an experienced business law attorney on hand to assist in negotiations and closely scrutinize contract documents can help ensure a participating party that its interests are being protected and fully promoted in a construction or other commercial matter.

That is what we seek to do for all our clients at the Tempe business law firm of Cook & Price, PLC, with our attorneys collectively commanding many years of on-point experience advocating aggressively on behalf of every individual and business entity that needs our assistance.

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