The Wide-Ranging Business Needs Of Professional Athletes

The Wide-Ranging Business Needs Of Professional Athletes

To say that top-caliber athletes in Arizona and across the country have singular concerns when it comes to things like negotiating and executing business contracts, weighing marketing and various endorsement deals, working with financial planners and forging agreements related to housing and perhaps other realty/property is an understatement.

In fact, and as we note on a page of our business and commercial law website at Cook & Price, PLC, in Phoenix, “Professional athletes often have unique legal representation needs.”

And, given that, they need to look for attorneys who understand their differentiated financial and business universe. It is immediately understandable why that is the case, and why professional athletes — as well as many top-shelf amateur athletes playing in college programs or with rising stock in upper-level farm systems — seek help from lawyers with proven records advocating on behalf of athletes.

Myriad and broad-based legal concerns routinely arise for pro sports participants, whether they are professionally engaged at the highest level in football, baseball, basketball, hockey or another sport. Our attorneys acutely appreciate the needs of this special community, with our website noting the “customized legal counsel” we bring to all our athlete clients.

To enhance our ability to promote all the business and related needs of pro and select amateur athletes, we operate Onyx Sports Management, a full-service sports agency. Onyx aims to provide seamless legal services to each of our clients in an integrated and encompassing way.

Although that can mean varying things to different clients, our representation broadly encompasses contract negotiation and drafting, advocacy in arbitration and court when necessary, liaison with other professionals such as tax planners, financial experts and realtors, advice concerning endorsement deals, and additional matters.

We welcome questions to the firm and the opportunity to apply our advocacy and related skills on behalf of athletes and their families, seeking in every matter to fully promote the interests of our clients across every conceivable spectrum.

Call Cook & Price, PLC today at 480-407-4440 or email us through this website.

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