Twitter Employee Files Employment Dispute Over Discrimination

Twitter Employee Files Employment Dispute Over Discrimination

Many Arizona companies and individuals enjoy using Twitter to boost sales, keep in touch with certain companies and express their opinions. But one woman isn’t singing the company’s praises after she was allegedly denied a promotion due to her gender.

The woman – one of Twitter’s first hires – has filed an employment dispute against the social media giant, claiming that Twitter discriminates against females, in that only men receive promotions.

The woman is seeking lost wages, stock options benefits and damages for wrongful discharge, retaliation and sex discrimination after she was denied a promotion without reason. Her supervisor recommended her for a senior software position in 2013. The woman was excited about this position because it would be a high-profile leadership role that would no doubt boost her career. However, despite a career that included exemplary reviews and no disciplinary actions, she was denied the promotion.

The woman, who had been with Twitter since 2009, sought reasons for the denial, but nobody could give her any answers. When she found out that seven men had been promoted to senior-level positions, she emailed the company’s CEO about the unfairness she experienced. The response? The company asked her to take personal leave. After three months, she resigned.

Although women have made great strides in the workforce in recent years, many are still experiencing the effects of gender discrimination in their jobs. While many companies strive for equality, others are still favoring men for specific positions, especially in the software industry.

If the woman had the skills and experience to perform the position and was the best-qualified out of all the applicants, then she should have been offered the job, regardless of gender. It’s unfortunate that her claim was not taken seriously by the company.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Twitter Accused of Sex Bias in Class Action” Dave Tartre, March 20, 2015

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