Upside Cited In Arizona Commercial Real Estate Market, Part 2

Upside Cited In Arizona Commercial Real Estate Market, Part 2

With baseball’s World Series just upon us, we can hopefully be forgiven for an analogy to the so-called national pastime to lead off our business blog post today.

That would be as follows, as offered up by one commentator on the Arizona commercial real estate market at a recent roundtable discussion of state business principals weighing in on local issues and trends.

That speaker noted that the Phoenix metropolitan area has taken comparatively longer than many other western markets (read Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas and Denver) to recover from the Great Recession. That delayed recovery has actually turned out to be a “silver lining,” he said, given that it likely spells “several more years of solid recovery.”

The commentator posited that, in baseball terms, that puts Arizona in about the 5th inning of recovery, with the other aforementioned markets being more toward the end of the game in their respective developments.

And that is decidedly a good thing for business entrepreneurs across Maricopa County, the East Valley and other parts of the state.

We noted the above-cited roundtable in our immediately preceding blog post, noting in our October 22 entry that there is a fair amount of optimism in the air regarding Arizona’s continuing clawback from hard times and the ongoing resurgence in new developments and opportunities.

Another speaker at the roundtable noted that he tends to see Arizona’s more moderately paced recovery “in very positive terms,” given that it has been marked by a progressively diversified economy driven by multiple sectors that augment the construction industry. Those centrally include technology, financial businesses and health care expansions.

Other interesting points were also passed along at the roundtable. One focused on the growing interest of California companies in establishing a foothold in the Phoenix metro region, owing to its “business friendly environment.” Another touched on the subject of especially attractive sub-markets within the state, with Tempe being prominently noted.

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