Using The Legal Process To Resolve A Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Using The Legal Process To Resolve A Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Commercial landlords and tenants have one common goal: to make money. Despite this shared interest, disputes still commonly occur. Although most people would rather not spend the money on lawyers, Arizona business and property owners may have no choice but to file a legal claim. By doing so, they can preserve their rights and move forward so they can continue to run their business.

There are many issues that can occur between a landlord and tenant. These problems include lockouts, liens and disputes over maintenance and repair. Perhaps you are a potential tenant who has just been presented with a lease agreement and you need help understanding the language. Maybe you are a landlord fed up with your tenant not paying the rent on time and you need to know your legal rights. These are situations where a lawyer can help.

Communication is key when issues arise. It’s important to discuss these issues early on instead of waiting for them to become full-blown disputes. However, some people are not receptive to discussion and negotiation.

Bringing up these issues can sometimes make matters worse. They can interfere with day-to-day business operations and even the bottom line. Whether you are arguing about lease agreements or parking or stairwell issues, there are legal remedies that can help.

Commercial real estate can be a tricky business to navigate. If you are having a dispute with a landlord or tenant, an experienced commercial law attorney can help. You don’t have to continue dealing with threats and loss of profit alone. It’s important to have someone on your side looking out for your best interests.

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