VW’s False Advertising Woes Continue To Mount; FTC Now Joins In

VW’s False Advertising Woes Continue To Mount; FTC Now Joins In

Probably not too many of our readers who track automotive-related news need much of a reminder to get back to full speed regarding the details surrounding one automaker’s massive public relations nightmare.

That vehicle manufacturer is Germany-based Volkswagen AG, a long-time industry titan, which is still reeling from public disclosures regarding its installed software on hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles that enabled them to emit high levels of pollutants without detection.

That subterfuge ultimately came to an end, with its demise being marked simultaneously by the emergence of lawsuits that continue to proliferate and materially harm both the company’s already battered image and its financial bottom line.

It was the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that most recently jumped on the litigation bandwagon. Reuters reports that the FTC filed a civil lawsuit in federal court earlier this week against Volkswagen, specifically its operating arm in the United States. That filing cites “billions of dollars in injury” suffered by American consumers who were deceived into buying vehicles that were, candidly, not what they were advertised to be.

The FTC is demanding that Volkswagen fully compensate the high number of individuals who were unknowingly duped into purchasing its polluting vehicles.

The FTC complaint joins myriad other lawsuits that have already been filed against the automaker. Earlier this year, Volkswagen was sued for a whopping $46 billion by the U.S. Department of Justice. The company also reportedly faces hundreds of other civil lawsuits seeking redress for its fraudulent actions, and is involved in ongoing suit-related discussions with U.S. environmental officials and additional parties.

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